January 2014 Live Webinar (Download)

January 2014 Live Webinar (Download)


Please join astrologer David Palmer on this live recorded webinar as he gave 200 people the opportunity to go deep into future of January 2014 and beyond!. Don't miss Davids opening and closing prayer ceremony!

The Leo King's Monthly Royal Dispatch: January 2014: The Path

* 2 Hour Special Visual Presentation

* Live Q&A!
* Special Beginning and Ending Prayer Ceremony!
* Set Your Intentions With The Leo King!
* Full Transits Covered!
* Charts Explained!
* Important Dates and Energies!
* Super Exciting and Fun!
* Get The Knowledge To Align The Month Right!
* Live Chat Room!

Let's set the intention together, with the guidance of love, God, the stars and each other!

As part of the healing and light that David brings into all his readings, David will guide a love in light ceremony at the beginning of the event to set the intention of January 2014 as a blessing for those in the webinar and for the surrounding world!

This is a very rare and special event that brings the best of David straight to your computer...LIVE!

To Register

Purchase this link it will be automatically sent to you to load on your ipad or phone.  (In mp4 format) 

If you have any questions, please email davidpalmer@inclusiveastrology.com or call 818-473-5830

2 Hours Long!